Monday, October 8, 2007

Where fantasy becomes reality!

Haven for amateur and semi pro football, UK Football Finder has launched a brand new additional service to its site, the option for any team who registers on the site can get a club website completely free of charge.

Free club websites

After years of research, UK Football Finder have created the most interactive service ever to hit the internet for amateur football teams. The websites are designed by our expert team of graphic designers. The sites offer a full online web service, with exciting added extras that will keep any side tight for the forthcoming season.

"I took a look at most club websites and was appalled at the quality of them, they were difficult to use and did not offer the simple services that amateur teams need." "Other companies have offered this service but have charged a fortune for it, and the end result was just as bad as if the club had thrown it together themselves. At UK Football Finder, we are creating something that looks sexy and is simple and easy to use."

Signing up to a UK Football Finder website is completely free of charge and allows teams to choose their very own crest. The site also includes a graphically designed trophy cabinet, with individual trophies for selected wins; a news section for games played by the team, in depth player profiles, a section for fixtures and statistics, featuring UK Football Finders new Fantasy League Football where the players are the stars, this is something that has never been done before and adds a new dimension to playing for your team, score points for clean sheets, assists, goals and Man of the Match awards.

Perhaps the most exciting innovation from UK Football Finder in the introduction of a brand new and exclusive picture messaging system. E Banter consists of hundreds if quirky images and characters designed by the team as a means of messaging fellow team mates. Tell your defender he’s a donkey, tell the lads not to be late for training, boast about your winning goal, E Banter has the lots. "E Banter is a bit of fun to stir up some competition to the amateur game. Once a player account is set up and they are logged in, they can send any quirky images with their own message underneath to another player, (tell your defender he’s a Donkey, boast about your winning goal, tell the lads not to be late for training) the player who then receives the message can send another images straight back and so the E Banter begins! It has been great fun and really brought many teams together."The team at UK Football Finder are currently hard at work illustrated hundreds more images that will be uploaded at the end of every month.

The amateur football revolution is truly here!

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