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Looking for a team close to South East london
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South london football
19 Apr '17  17:10 : 0 recs

Been out of football for over a year, want to get back into playing
work in the game professionally so can maybe help with advice etc aswell
as playing

Don't mind what the standard is aslong as easy traveling distance from Forest hill/Sydenham.

Looking for summer league and winter 11 a side.

Play most positions in the centre, although only 5"10.
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Afc royal borough of Greenwich
19 Apr '17  20:12 : 0 recs

Hello mate is Lewisham near enough?
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South london football
19 Apr '17  21:10 : 0 recs

Yeah mate, easy enough.
Are your lads a sunday side?
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Afc royal borough of Greenwich
20 Apr '17  12:16 : 0 recs

Yes mate we play standard season & summer league
Drop me a text
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South london football
20 Apr '17  12:25 : 0 recs

Cheers Paul, will send you a message
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