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Afc royal borough of Greenwich
19 Apr '17  15:59 : 0 recs

Hello guys we have an excellent opportunity for the right club!!basically next season we're looking to add a new team to our club that willsuburban bottom div under the name
•Afc Royal borough of Greenwich & another vets side due to excess amount of players,
We have new kit/equipment for the team,league & fa affiliation will also be covered by the club to.
We are looking for a team with a good reputation & no trouble makers!
Players will be asked to use the clubs sponsors public house in Lewisham that has sky sports & puts out free food after games!
If your team has a committee they will be automatically added to the current clubs set up & have equal say with running of the club & rulings etc,players will be treated equally & pay same match/signing on fees as current club members,the team will be given free entry into clubs summer league & pre/end of season tournaments to!
If interested message me asap as we are about to re affiliate to fa while it's offering better rates etc!!
Many thanks
Ps were also looking to add vets teams & 5 aside teams that will use our pub play under our name
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Afc royal borough of Greenwich
20 Apr '17  12:14 : 0 recs

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Afc royal borough of Greenwich
22 Apr '17  12:27 : 0 recs

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